British Karate Federation

Junior World Medals from Chile 2019


Congratulations to Scotland's Jacob Smart and Niamh Junner plus England's Brandon Carr on winning Bronze Medals at the 2019 Junior World Karate Championships held in Santiago, Chile.


Jacob Smart - Male Junior -61kg

Scotland's Jacob Smart faced the home nation fighter in his 1st round which produced a close fight ending all-square at 1-1. However, the judges decision went Jacob's way progressing him into the 2nd round where he faced his Slovakian opponent. A better score-line saw Jacob win this fight 2-0 and into round 3. It was Croatia next and Jacob dispatched his opponent with a narrow 1-0 win to set up a 4th round fight with France. Renowned for producing high quality fighters this was going to be a tough fight, but Jacob came through it superbly beating his French opponent 2-0. Jacob now faced Egypt in the pool final, the winner going into the final for gold, the loser going into the repechage final for bronze. Unfortunately it wasn't to be for Jacob who lost out 9-1 but had secured his bronze medal fight-off.


It was the fighter from Thailand who had come through the repechage rounds to reach the repechage final facing Jacob. After suffering disappointment at missing out on the final, Jacob ensured his disappointment was short lived as he secured the Bronze medal beating his opponent 4-2. Well done Jacob. 


Niamh Junner - Female Junior +59kg

After an initial 1st round bye, Scotland' Niamh Junner was soon in action facing her Bosnia and Herzegovina opponent comfotably winning her opening round fight 4-0. On to the 3rd round and Niamh faced Turkey, always a tough nation to beat, but Niamh triumphed winning the close fight 2-1.  It was Montenegro that Niamh faced in the 4th round, and another close fight with both fighters unable to score against each other. The decision went Niamh's way sending her through to the pool final. Unfortunately Niamh lost out 3-0 to her Austrian opponent who made the final, but this left Niamh in the repechage final where she would face the Slovakian fighter who had come through repechage to the bronze medal match.


Another nail-biting, breath-holding fight ended in another 0-0 draw, but once again the judges decision went with Niamh and with she collected a highly coveted World Bronze Medal. Well done Niamh.


Brandon Carr - Male U21 +84kg

Competing in the +84kg event was England's Brand Carr who had drawn a tough opponent in his first fight after receiving a 1st round bye. Facing Kazakhstan it was a close fight but Brandon claimed a narrow victory winning 1-0. Higher score-line in his 3rd round fight which saw him finish off his Greek opponent winning 5-3. Brandon won another close fight 1-0 in the 4th round beating his Danish opponent to progress into the pool final. Brandon faced a tough opponent from Egypt and unfortunately missed out on a place in the final losing 2-0. However, this left Brandon in the repechage final where he faced Serbia.


A commanding performance in the repechage final saw Brandon beat his opponent 8-0 to claim his World Bronze Medal. Well done Brandon.