British Karate Federation

European Games 2019 - BKF Chief Referee Report



It was a privilege to be classed in Europe’s best 22 Referees and to be selected to represent Britain at the European Games.


Briefing Friday

The President of the WKF, Antonino Espinos, gave a brief address to the referees, followed by the Chief Referee of the EKF, Alois Wiesbock.


There were to be only 2 areas for the games, and I was allocated to Area 2 for both days of the competition. Unfortunately this happened to be the area with no TV courage. Another privilege, I was also appointed to be on the Appeals Jury for the competition.



Kata was on first and we had the Men’s Kata group rounds which I was involved in the majority of the matches.


All referees were involved in all the matches for Kumite, either video review, Judge, Match supervisor or as the Referee.


I refereed 3 matches which all 3 were Hikiwake zero/zero. My positioning and signals were excellent throughout.


The semi finals were on first before the finals where I had a great deal of invovement, especially on video review. Later that night in the finals, I judged on the Men's Kata, judged twice on kumite finals, was match supervisor and was twice on video review panel.



Again same format as the previous day, I refereed 3 matches, one with a disqualification, one with a Hikiwake and an 8 to zero win on points.
I judged in 2 finals that night and was used several times on video review, more than any other referee.


For me the Downside of the competition was the lack of atmosphere in the kata, the new rules do not seem to create any, and then the group stages of the kumite, produced negative matches, due to the format.


On the up side, the venue and the set up was impressive and must have looked good on television. Also the organisation of the event was fantastic with no detail missed. There was no protests throughout the competition and the team work of the referees shone through.


Dale Gamble

BKF Chief Referee