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European Technical Commission Chairman, Mike Billman, steps down

During the Congress meeting at the 2023 European Championships in Guadalajara, President Espinos gave a speech to the audience which ended with him announcing that the Chairman of the European Technical Commission, Mike Billman, had recently given notice that he was having to resign his position for personal reasons.

The President gave praise to Mike for the work he had done in the commission for the benefit of European karate. After a round of applause he then asked Mike to come on stage to say a few words himself.

Mike came up and started his speech by thanking the President and then stating to the audience that it had been a very difficult decision to make. He then explained that his commission, which involved some of the top people in karate, Dominique Sigillo, Dusana Augustovicova, Gilles Cherdieu, and Luca Valdesi, who had introduced many rule changes over the years, all to the benefit of karate.

Finally, Mike wished to thank the President and the members of his commission, plus some specific Executive board members that he had worked with, and finally finished his speech by thanking everybody present for their past support.

He then shook hands with the President while the audience gave him an outstanding round of applause.